Wall Treatments, Venetian Plaster, Faux Finish

Custom wall treatments

There is nothing more popular and stylish right now than textured wall treatments using cutting edge products like Venetian plasters, Metallic plasters and Brushed pearls. These custom wall treatments can make your interior space impressively unique.



Featured techniques

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Venetian Plaster

The smooth polished look of burnished Venetian plaster reflects light, creating interest and giving the walls a modern, contemporary feel with the expensive look of lustrous marble for a fraction of the cost. View Shannon’s How-to video on Venetian Plaster

Metallic wall treatments

Metallic glazes and metallic plasters are available not only in deep bronzes, silvers and opals, but in a large range of colors as well. These iconic treatments give your walls depth and texture while adding a subtle shimmer or satiny finish. Especially pleasing in powder baths and small rooms, and ceilings.